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Davide Barbieri, Daniele Braga, Stefano Ceri, Emanuele Della Valle, Yi Huang, Volker Tresp, Achim Rettinger, Hendrik Wermser
Deductive and Inductive Stream Reasoning for Semantic Social Media Analytics
IEEE Intelligent Systems, 99, 2010

Matthias Bonn, Marcel Kunze
Cloud Computing - SCC entwickelt Servicebus
SCC News, 2010, (3), pages 12-14, September, 2010

Xiaowu Chen, Yongtao Ma
Multi-category web object extraction based on relation schema
Computer Systems: Science & Engineering, 25, (6), November, 2010

Philipp Cimiano, Sebastian Rudolph, Helena Hartfiel
Computing Intensional Answers to Questions - An Inductive Logic Programming Approach
Data & Knowledge Engineering, 69, (3), pages 261-278, März, 2010

Michael Decker
Modelling of Mobile Workflows with UML
International Journal On Advances in Telecommunications, 3, (1+2), pages 59-71, 2010

Michael Decker
Location-aware Access Control: An Overview
International Journal on Computer Science and Information System (IJCSIS), 5, (1), pages 26-44, 2010

Frank Ebeling, Andreas Mitschele
Strategische Zinsrisikosteuerung im aktuellen Marktumfeld
Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen, (5), pages 237-241, März, 2010

Vadim Ermolayev, Eyck Jentzsch, Wolf-Ekkehard Matzke, Frank Dengler, Paul Warren
ACTIVE Technologies for Knowledge Management in Microelectronic Engineering Design
Newsletter Edacentrum, (02), pages 12-15, Juni, 2010

Andreas Fischer, Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, M. Wang
On the inexactness level of robust Levenberg-Marquardt methods
Optimization, 59, (2), pages 273 - 287, Februar, 2010

Heiko Haller
Knitting the kNet – Towards a Global Net of Knowledge
Open Journal of Knowledge Management, 1, (1), März, 2010

Jan Hettenhausen, Andrew Lewis, Sanaz Mostaghim
Interactive Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimisation with Heatmap Visualisation based User Interface.
Journal of Engineering Optimization, 42, (2), pages 119-139, Februar, 2010

Christian Hirsch, Lutz Hillemacher, Carsten Block, Alexander Schuller, Dominik Möst
Simulations in the Smart Grid Field Study MeRegio
Information Technology (it), 52, (2), pages 100--106, März, 2010

Timo Kautzmann, Micaela Wünsche, Sanaz Mostaghim, Marcus Geimer, Hartmut Schmeck
Selbstadaptierendes und lernfähiges Management für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen
Landtechnik – Agricultural Engineering (Schwerpunkt Informationstechnologie), 4/2010, pages 110 - 113, Juli, 2010

Agnes Koschmider, Minseok Song, Hajo A. Reijers
Social Software for Business Process Modeling
Journal of Information Technology, (25), pages 308-322, 2010

Manuel Lang, Andreas Vogel, Detlef Seese
Konjunkturabhängige Portfoliosteuerung in der Strategischen Asset Allocation - die passende Strategie in jeder Phase
Portfolio institutionell, September, 2010

Andreas Mitschele, Martin Schmid
Zusammenführung von strategischer und operativer Steuerung in einem Kennzahlensystem
Risiko Manager, (25/26), pages 24-29, Dezember, 2010

Christian Müller-Schloer, Hartmut Schmeck
Organic Computing: A Grand Challenge for Mastering Complex Systems
Information Technology (it), 52, (3), pages 135-141, Mai, 2010

Achim Rettinger, Matthias Nickles, Volker Tresp
Statistical relational learning of trust
Machine Learning Journal, 81, September, 2010

Sebastian Rudolph, Birte Glimm
Nominals, Inverses, Counting, and Conjunctive Queries or: Why Infinity is Your Friend!
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Reasearch, 39, pages 429-481, Oktober, 2010

Hartmut Schmeck, Ludwig Karg
E-Energy - Paving the Way for an Internet of Energy
Information Technology (it), 52, (2), pages 55-57, März, 2010

Hartmut Schmeck, Christian Müller-Schloer, Emre Cakar, Moez Mnif, Urban Richter
Adaptivity and Self-Organisation in Organic Computing Systems
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS), 5, (3), pages 10:1-10:32, September, 2010

Elena Simperl, Malgorzata Mochol, Tobias Bürger
Achieving Maturity: the State of Practice in Ontology Engineering in 2009.
International Journal of Computer Science and Applications, 7, (1), pages 45-65, 2010

Elena Simperl, Ian Thurlow, Paul Warren, Frank Dengler, John Davies, Marko Groblenik, Dunja Mladenic, Jose Gomez Perez, Carlos Ruiz Moreno
Overcoming information overload in the enterprise: the ACTIVE approach
IEEE Internet Computing, 14, (6), pages 39-46, November, 2010

Katharina Siorpaes, Elena Simperl
Human Intelligence in the Process of Semantic Content Creation
World Wide Web Journal, 13, (1-2), pages 33-59, 2010

Denny Vrandecic, Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph, Uta Lösch
Leveraging Non-Lexical Knowledge for the Linked Open Data Web
The Fifth RAFT'2010 The yearly bilingual publication on nonchalant research, 5, (1), pages 18-27, April, 2010

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Sudhir Agarwal, Martin Junghans
Swapping out Coordination of Web Processes to the Web Browser
Proceedings of the 9th IEEE European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS), IEEE, Zypern, Dezember, 2010

Ali Sunyaev, Alexander Kaletsch, Sebastian Duennebeil, Helmut Krcmar
Attack Scenarios for Possible Misuse of Peripheral Parts in the German Health Information Infrastructure
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2010), pages: 229-235, -, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, Juni, 2010

Ali Sunyaev, Sebastian Duennebeil, Christian Mauro, Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar
IT-Standards im Gesundheitswesen: Überblick und Entwicklungsperspektiven mit der Einführung Service-Orientierter Architekturen
Proceedings of Informatik 2010, pages: 254-259, -, Leipzig, Germany, September, 2010

Ali Sunyaev, Markus Ortmann, Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar
mediEPCs – A Model to Abstract Complex and Dynamic Processes in Healthcare Environments
Proceedings of the 16th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2010), pages: 587, AIS, Lima, Peru, August, 2010

Ali Sunyaev, Dmitry Chornyi, Christian Mauro, Helmut Krcmar
Evaluation Framework for Personal Health Records: Microsoft Health Vault vs. Google Health
Proceedings of the 43rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2010), -, Januar, 2010

Ali Sunyaev, Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar
Open Security Issues in German Healthcare Telematics
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Health Informatics (HealthInf 2010), pages: 187-194, -, Valencia, Spain, Januar, 2010

Ali Sunyaev, Stefan Knipl, Sebastian Duennebeil, Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar
RetrospeGKtive der bekannten sicherheitstechnischen Problematiken bei der Einführung der elektronischen Gesundheitskarte und der Telematikinfrastruktur in Deutschland
Proceedings of the 55. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie (GMDS 2010), pages: 27-37, -, November, 2010

Ali Sunyaev, Alexander Kaletsch, Helmut Krcmar
Comparative Evaluation of Google Health API vs. Microsoft Healthvault API
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Health Informatics (HealthInf 2010), pages: 195-201, -, Valencia, Spain, Januar, 2010

Florian Allerding, Birger Becker, Hartmut Schmeck
Integration intelligenter Steuerungskomponenten in reale smart-home-Umgebungen
In Klaus-Peter Fähnrich, Bogdan Franczyk, Informatik 2010 Service Science - Neue Perspektiven für die Informatik, pages: 455-460, Köllen Druck+Verlag GmbH, Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), P-175, Bonn, September, 2010

Darko Anicic, Paul Fodor, Sebastian Rudolph, Roland Stühmer, Nenad Stojanovic, Rudi Studer
A Rule-Based Language for Complex Event Processing and Reasoning
In Pascal Hitzler, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Web Reasoning and Rule Systems - Fourth International Conference, pages: 42-57, Springer, LNCS, 6333, September, 2010

Birger Becker, Florian Allerding, Ulrich Reiner, Matthias Kahl, Urban Richter, Daniel Pathmaperuma, Hartmut Schmeck, Thomas Leibfried
Decentralised Energy-Management to Control Smart-Home Architectures
In Christian Müller-Schloer, Wolfgang Karl, and Sami Yehia, Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2010), pages: 150-161, Springer, LNCS, 5974, Berlin Heidelberg, Februar, 2010

Stefanie Betz, Zornitza N. Podolecheva
Risk Management in In-House and Offshore Outsourcing Software Development Projects
RISK Models and Applications, Selected Papers, pages: 149-157, Proceedings of Risk Models and Applications 2010, Lecture Notes in Information Sciences, Berlin, März, 2010

Stefanie Betz, Andreas Oberweis, Rolf Stephan
Knowledge Transfer in IT Offshore Outsourcing Projects: An Analysis of the Current State and Best Practices
International Conference on Global Software Engineering, pages: 330-335, IEEE, August, 2010

Jürgen Bock, Alexander Lenk, Carsten Dänschel
Ontology Alignment in the Cloud
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Ontology Matching (OM2010), Shanghai, China, CEUR-WS, November, 2010

Matthias Bonn, Hartmut Schmeck
The JoSchKa System: Organic Job Distribution in Heterogeneous and Unreliable Environments
In Christian Müller-Schloer, Wolfgang Karl, and Sami Yehia, Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2010), pages: 73-86, Springer, LNCS, 5974, Berlin Heidelberg, Februar, 2010

Haiying Che, Michael Decker
Anomalies In Business Process Models For Mobile Scenarios With Location Constraints
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics (ICAL 2010), pages: 306-313, IEEE, Hong Kong, China, August, 2010

Florian Daniel, Agnes Koschmider, Tobias Nestler, Marcus Roy, Abdallah Namoun
Toward Process Mashups: Key Ingredients and Open Research Challenges
4th International Workshop on Web APIs and Services Mashups, ACM Digital Library, Dezember, 2010

Michael Decker, Björn Keuter, Stefan Klink, Andreas Oberweis, Peter Stürzel
Workflow-Management mit Mobile Computing: Ein Überblick
In Alexander Zipf, Sandra Lanig, Michael Bauer, 6. GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch "Ortsbezogene Anwendungen und Dienste" (2009), pages: 145-154, Geographisches Institut der Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberger Geographische Bausteine, Heidelberg, September, 2010

Michael Decker, Daniel Eichhorn, Emanuel Georgiew, Andreas Oberweis, Johannes Plaßmann, Thilo Steckel, Peter Stürzel
Modelling and Enforcement of Location Constraints in an Agricultural Application Scenario
In Hans Weghorn, Jörg Roth and Pedro Isaías, Proceedings of the International Conferences Informatics 2010, Wireless Applications and Computing 2010 and Telecommunications, Networks and Systems 2010, pages: 67-74, IADIS Press, Freiburg, Deutschland, Juli, 2010

Michael Decker, Andreas Oberweis, Peter Stürzel
Ortsabhängiger Dokumentenzugriff mit Discretionary Access Control
In Markus Bick, Stefan Eulgem, Elgar Fleisch, J. Felix Hampe, Birgitta König-Ries, Franz Lehner, Key Pousttchi, Kai Rannenberg, Technologien, Anwendungen und Dienste zur Unterstützung von mobiler Kollaboration, pages: 153-166, Köllen Druck+Verlag GmbH, LNI, Göttingen, Februar, 2010

Michael Decker
LocationAware Discretionary Access Control based on the Unix Permission Bits Model
In Alexander Zipf, Sandra Lanig, Michael Bauer, 6. GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch "Ortsbezogene Anwendungen und Dienste" (2009), pages: 21-30, Geographisches Institut der Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberger Geographische Bausteine, Heidelberg

Michael Decker, Gunther Schiefer
The SumoDacs-Project: Secure Mobile Data Access with a Tamperproof Hardware Token
Proceedings of eChallenges 2010, IEEE, Warsaw, Poland, Oktober, 2010

Michael Decker, Haiying Che, Andreas Oberweis, Peter Stürzel, Matthias Vogel
Modeling Mobile Workflows with BPMN
9th International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB 2010), pages: 272-279, IEEE, Athens, Greece, Juni, 2010

Frank Dengler, Agnes Koschmider, Andreas Oberweis, Huayu Zhang
Social Software for Coordination of Collaborative Process Activities
The Third Workshop on Business Process Management and Social Software, pages: 396-407, Springer, LNBIP, 66, September, 2010

Frank Dengler, Hans-Jörg Happel
Collaborative Modeling with Semantic MediaWiki
Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration, ACM, Gdansk, Poland, Juli, 2010

Ding Ding, Lei Liu, Hartmut Schmeck
Service Discovery in Self-organizing Service-oriented Environments
Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference, pages: 717-724, IEEE Computer Society, 0, Dezember, 2010

Andreas Drescher, Andreas Oberweis, Thomas Schuster
Selektionsalgorithmus zur effizienten, kompetenzorientierten Ressourcenallokation in Geschäftsprozessen
In Stefan Klink, Agnes Koschmider, Marco von Mevius, Andreas Oberweis, Beiträge des Workshops der GI-Fachgruppe Entwicklungsmethoden für Informationssysteme und deren Anwendung (EMISA), pages: 37-51, Springer, 172, Karlsruhe, Oktober, 2010

Sebastian Duennebeil, Ali Sunyaev, Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar
Strategies for development and adoption of EHR in German ambulatory care
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (Pervasive Health 2010), -, München, Germany, März, 2010

Sebastian Duennebeil, Ali Sunyaev, Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar
eGK-Mehrwertanwendung zur elektronischen Krankenhauseinweisung
conhIT 2010 - Satellitenveranstaltung GMDS/BVMI, Workshop der GMDS-Projektgruppe, Einführung von eGK und HBA in Krankenhäusern, mit dem Thema "Mehrwertanwendungen mit eGK und HBA", -, April, 2010

Sebastian Duennebeil, Ali Sunyaev, Ivo Blohm, Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar
Do German Physicians want Electronic Health Services? A Characterization of Potential Adopters and Rejectors in German Ambulatory Care
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Health Informatics (HealthInf 2010), pages: 202-209, -, Valencia, Spain

Daniel Eichhorn, Agnes Koschmider
3D-Darstellung von Ressourcenattributen bei der Geschäftsprozessmodellierung
In Christian Gierds and Jan Sürmeli, Proceedings of the 2nd Central-European Workshop on Services and their Composition,, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 563, Berlin, Februar, 2010

Vadim Ermolayev, Frank Dengler, Eyck Jentzsch, Wolf-Ekkehard Matzke
Articulation and Sharing of Distributed Design Project and Process Knowledge
In Mohammad Essaaidi, Michele Malgeri, Costin Badica, Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing - IDC 2010, pages: 209-216, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Studies in Computational Intelligence, 315, Tangier, Morocco, September, 2010

Robin Fischer, Ulrich Scholten, Simone Scholten
A reference architecture for feedback-based control of service ecosystems
Proceedings of the 4th IEEE Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (DEST 2010), pages: 1-6, IEEE Computer, Dubai, UAE, April, 2010

Baader Franz, Hongkai Liu, Anees ul Mehdi
Verifying Properties of Infinite Sequences of Description Logic Actions
Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ECAI 2010, August, 2010

Nugroho Fredivianus, Holger Prothmann, Hartmut Schmeck
XCS Revisited: A Novel Discovery Component for the eXtended Classifier System
In Kalyanmoy Deb and others, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Simulated Evolution And Learning (SEAL-2010), pages: 289-298, Springer, LNCS, 6457, Berlin Heidelberg, Dezember, 2010

Birte Glimm, Sebastian Rudolph
Status QIO: Conjunctive Query Entailment is Decidable
In Fangzhen Lin, Ulrike Sattler, Miroslaw Truszczynski, Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference (KR-10), pages: 225-235, AAAI Press, Mai, 2010

Birte Glimm, Sebastian Rudolph, Johanna Völker
Integrated Metamodeling and Diagnosis in OWL 2
In Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Yue Pan, Pascal Hitzler, Peter Mika, Lei Zhang, Jeff Z. Pan, Ian Horrocks, Birte Glimm, Proceedings of the 9th International Semantic Web Conference, pages: 257-272, Springer, LNCS, 6496, November, 2010

Ricardo Gonzalez, Maribel Acosta
Evaluating the impact of acknowledgment strategies on message delivery rate in wireless sensor networks
IEEE Conference Publications, pages: 1-6, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, September, 2010

Peter Haase, Andreas Eberhart, Sebastian Godelet, Tobias Mathäß, Duc Thanh Tran, Günter Ladwig, Andreas Wagner
The Information Workbench. Interacting with the Web of Data
Proceedings of the 3rd Future Internet Symposium (FIS2010), -, September, 2010

Heiko Haller
QuiKey - an Efficient Semantic Command Line
In Sofia Pinto and Philipp Cimiano, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management by the Masses -- 17th International Conference, EKAW 2010, Springer, Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling and Management (EKAW), Oktober, 2010

Heiko Haller, Andreas Abecker
iMapping – A Zooming User Interface Approach for Personal and Semantic Knowledge Management
In Mark Chignell and Elaine Toms, HT '10: Proceedings of the 21st ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, pages: 119--128, ACM, New York, NY, USA, Juni, 2010

Heiko Haller, Andreas Abecker, Max Völkel
A Graphical Workbench for Knowledge Workers
In José Cordeiro, ICEIS 2010, 12th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Funchal, Portugal, June 2010, -, Juni, 2010

Harry Halpin, Daniel M. Herzig, Peter Mika, Roi Blanco, Jeffrey Pound, Henry S. Thompson, Duc Thanh Tran
Evaluating Ad-Hoc Object Retrieval
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Evaluation of Semantic Technologies (IWEST 2010), 9th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2010), Shanghai, PR China, November, 2010

Alan Hartman, A.N. Jain, J. Ramanathan, A. Ramfos, W.-J. V.d. Heuvel, Christian Zirpins, Stefan Tai, Y. Charalabidis, A. Pasic, T. Johannessen, T. Gronsund
Participatory Design of Public Sector Services
In Andersen, K.N. and Francesconi, E. and Grönlund, A. and van Engers, T.M., First International Conference, EGOVIS 2010, Bilbao, Spain, August 31 - September 2, 2010, Proceedings, pages: 219-233, Springer, LNCS

Daniel M. Herzig, Hristina Taneva
Multilingual Expert Search using Linked Open Data as Interlingual Representation
Working Notes of the CLEF 2010 Lab Sessions, CLEF 2010, Padova, Italy, September, 2010

Daniel M. Herzig, Basil Ell
Semantic MediaWiki in Operation: Experiences with Building a Semantic Portal
9th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2010), Springer, Shanghai, PR China, November, 2010

Julia Hoxha, Sudhir Agarwal
Semi-automatic Acquisition of Semantic Descriptions of Processes in the Web
Proceedings of The International Conference on Web Intelligence, IEEE, September, 2010

Julia Hoxha, Andreas Scheuerman, Stephan Bloehdorn
An Approach to Formal and Semantic Representation of Logistics Services
In Kerstin Schill and Bernd Scholz-Reiter and Lutz Frommberger, Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Logistics (AILog) at the 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2010), Lisbon, Portugal, pages: 73--78, published online, September, 2010

Ji Hu, Xiaoyi Fan, Robin Fischer
Business-driven Trust Federation Management for Service Marketplaces
IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC'2010), Miami, USA, pages: 594-601, IEEE, Juli, 2010

Yi Huang, Volker Tresp, Markus Bundschus, Achim Rettinger
Multivariate Prediction for Learning on the Semantic Web
Proc. of the 20th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP 2010), Springer, Juni, 2010

Oliver Hummel, Christof Momm, Susan Hickl
Towards quality-aware development and evolution of enterprise information systems
Proceedings of the 2010 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), pages: 137-144, ACM, März, 2010

Martin Junghans, Sudhir Agarwal, Rudi Studer
Towards Practical Semantic Web Service Discovery
The Semantic Web: Research and Applications, 7th Extended Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2010, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 30-June 3, 2010, Proceedings, Springer, LNCS, Juni, 2010

Martin Junghans, Sudhir Agarwal
Web Service Discovery Based on Unified View on Functional and Non-Functional Properties
Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2010), 22-24 September 2010, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, IEEE Computer Society, September, 2010

Thomas Kaschub, Marc Mültin, Wolf Fichtner, Hartmut Schmeck, Alois Kessler
Intelligentes Laden von batterieelektrischen Fahrzeugen im Kontext eines Stadtviertels
VDE-Kongress 2010: E-Mobility, pages: 6, VDE Verlag, Leipzig, November, 2010

Timo Kautzmann, Micaela Wünsche, Sanaz Mostaghim, Marcus Geimer, Hartmut Schmeck
Self-Optimizing Architecture in Mobile Machines
Proceedings of the 6th FPNI-PhD Symposium, pages: 479 - 488, FPNI, Juni, 2010

Timo Kautzmann, Micaela Wünsche, Sanaz Mostaghim, Marcus Geimer, Hartmut Schmeck
Simulationsmodell zur Unterstützung von selbstoptimierenden Fähigkeiten eines Traktors
LAND.TECHNIK, pages: 187 - 195, VDI-MEG, Oktober, 2010

Timo Kautzmann, Micaela Wünsche, Sanaz Mostaghim, Marcus Geimer, Hartmut Schmeck
Self-optimizing Machine Management
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Machine Control & Guidance, pages: 107 - 115, VDI, Bonn, März, 2010

Markus Klems, Larisa Shwartz, Genady Grabarnik, Stefan Tai
Automating the Delivery of IT Service Continuity Management through Cloud Service Orchestration
Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), pages: 65-72, IEEE Conference Proceedings, April, 2010

Markus Klems, Michael Menzel, Robin Fischer
Consistency Benchmarking: Evaluating the Consistency Behavior of Middleware Services in the Cloud
In Paul P. Maglio, Mathias Weske, Jian Yang, Marcelo Fantinato, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC), pages: 627-634, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences, Berlin Heidelberg, Dezember, 2010

Rico Knapper, Benjamin Blau, Sebastian Speiser, Tobias Conte, Christof Weinhardt
Service Contract Automation
Proceedings of the 16th Americas Conference on Information Systems, _

Agnes Koschmider, Jose Luis de la Vara, Juan Sánchez
Measuring the Progress of Reference Model-Based Business Process Modeling
3rd International Conference on Business Process and Services Computing, Köllen-Verlag, LNI, September, 2010

Agnes Koschmider, Andreas Oberweis, Huayu Zhang
Process-oriented Coordination of Collaborations in Social Networks
6th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, pages: 361-366, INSTICC Press, 2, Valencia, Spain, April, 2010

Agnes Koschmider, Andreas Oberweis, Huayu Zhang
Prozessorientierte Koordination von Kooperationen in Sozialen Netzwerken
In Christian Gierds, Jan Sürmeli, Proceedings of the 2nd Central-European Workshop on Services and their Composition, ZEUS 2010, pages: 105-112,, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 563, Berlin, Februar, 2010

Agnes Koschmider, Volker Hoyer, Andrea Fuchsloch
Quality Metrics for Mashups
The 2010 Annual Research Conference of the South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists, Bela Bela, South Africa, pages: 376-380, ACM, Oktober, 2010

Markus Kress, Detlef Seese
Autonomous Optimization of Business Processes
In Stefanie Rinderle-Ma and Shazia Sadiq and Frank Leymann, Business Process Management Workshops: Revised Papers of the BPM 2009 International Workshops, pages: 116-127, Springer, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, 43, Ulm, Germany

Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph, Peter H. Schmitt
On the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics
In Pascal Hitzler, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Web Reasoning and Rule Systems - Fourth International Conference, pages: 88-102, Springer, LNCS, 6333, September, 2010

Markus Krötzsch, Anees ul Mehdi, Sebastian Rudolph
Orel: Database-Driven Reasoning for OWL 2 Profiles
Proceedings of the 23nd International Workshop on Description Logics (DL 2010),, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 573, Mai, 2010

Markus Krötzsch
Efficient Inferencing for OWL EL
In Tomi Janhunen, Ilkka Niemelä, Proceedings of the 12th European Confernce on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (JELIA'10), pages: to appear, Springer, LNAI

Cornelia Kuckein, Michael Schermann, Ali Sunyaev, Helmut Krcmar
An Exploratory Study on Physicians' Diligence when Dealing with Patient Data
Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2010), -, Pretoria, South Africa, Juni, 2010

Benedikt Kämpgen, Florian Lemmerich, Martin Atzmueller
Decision-Maker-Aware Design of Descriptive Data Mining
Proc. 55th IWK, International Workshop on Design, Evaluation and Refinement of Intelligent Systems (DERIS), pages: 561-566, ISLE, Ilmenau, September, 2010

Lukas König, Hartmut Schmeck
Evolvability in Evolutionary Robotics: Evolving the Genotype-Phenotype Mapping
Proceedings of the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO 2010), pages: 259-260, IEEE Computer Society, September, 2010

Günter Ladwig, Duc Thanh Tran
Combining Keyword Translation with Structured Query Answering for Efficient Keyword Search
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ModiFrame: Entwicklung eines Frameworks für mobile Dienste : Teilprojekt "ModiFrame-Business"
KIT, Institut AIFB, Karlsruhe, Schlussbericht, Juni, 2010

Marcel Tilly, Carlos Ruiz, Frank Dengler
D3.2.2: Context-aware Knowledge Processes Fully functional prototype
Institut AIFB, KIT, Karlsruhe, (D3.2.2), ACTIVE Deliverable, März, 2010

Denny Vrandecic, Basil Ell, Frank Dengler, Markus Krötzsch, Michael Erdmann
D1.4.2: Knowledge leveraging and repair Demonstrator
Institut AIFB, KIT, Karlsruhe, (D1.4.2), ACTIVE Deliverable, März, 2010

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Thomas Schuster, Christoph Rathfelder, Nelly Schuster, Jens Nimis
Comprehensive tool support for iterative SOA evolution
Article at International Workshop on SOA Migration and Evolution 2010 (SOAME 2010) at CSMR 2010, März, 2010

Stefan Tai, Jens Nimis, Alexander Lenk, Markus Klems
Cloud Service Engineering - Tutorial
Mai, 2010

Andreas Wagner, Günter Ladwig, Duc Thanh Tran
Browsing-oriented Semantic Faceted Search
Technical Report, Januar, 2010

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