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Knowledge Sharing and Reuse Across Media

Contact: Sebastian Rudolph

Project Status: completed


X-Media addresses the issue of knowledge management in complex distributed environments. It will study, develop and implement large scale methodologies and techniques for knowledge management able to support sharing and reuse of knowledge that is distributed in different media (images, documents and data) and repositories (data bases, knowledge bases, document repositories, etc.).

Involved Persons
Philipp Cimiano, Sebastian Rudolph, Duc Thanh Tran, Sebastian Blohm, Pascal Hitzler, Rudi Studer


from: 1 April 2005
until: 1 März 2009
Funding: EU-IST
Predecessing Project: Dot.Kom



Research Group

Web Science

Area of Research

Semantic Technologies, Machine Learning, Information Systems, Development Of Knowledge Management Systems, Information Extraction, Ontology Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Semantic Web, Business Information Systems

Publications Belonging to the Project
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 - unpublished



Paul Buitelaar, Philipp Cimiano, Anette Frank, Matthias Hartung, Stefania Racioppa
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International Journal of Human Computer Studies (JHCS), 66, pages 759-788, September, 2008

Philipp Cimiano, Sebastian Rudolph, Helena Hartfiel
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Philipp Cimiano, Peter Haase, Jörg Heizmann, Matthias Mantel, Rudi Studer
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Duc Thanh Tran, Haofen Wang, Peter Haase
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Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web, (4), pages 14-28, 2006

Haofen Wang, Qiaoling Liu, Thomas Penin, Linyun Fu, Lei Zhang², Duc Thanh Tran, Yong Yu, Yue Pan
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Journal of Web Semantics, 7(3), 2009

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Anupriya Ankolekar, Markus Krötzsch, Duc Thanh Tran, Denny Vrandecic
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Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on the World Wide Web (WWW'07), Banff, Canada, Mai, 2007

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Stephan Bloehdorn, Philipp Cimiano, Alistair Duke, Peter Haase, Jörg Heizmann, Ian Thurlow, Johanna Völker
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Proceedings of the AAAI 2008 Workshop on Wikipedia and Artifical Intelligence, AAAI Press, Technical Report WS-08-15, Juli, 2008

Sebastian Blohm, Jürgen Umbrich, Philipp Cimiano, York Sure
Iterative Learning of Relation Patterns for Market Analysis with UIMA
UIMA Workshop at GLDV FrühjahrstagungApril, 2007

Sebastian Blohm, Philipp Cimiano, Egon Stemle
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Proceedings of the 22nd Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-07), pages: 1316--1323Juli, 2007

Sebastian Blohm, Philipp Cimiano
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Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (PKDD), pages: 18-29, Springer, Warsaw, Poland, September, 2007

Sebastian Blohm, Philipp Cimiano
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In Uwe Mönnich and Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, OTT'06 - Ontologies in Text Technology: Approaches to Extract Semantic KnowledInformation, Publications of the Institute of Cognitive Science, 1-2007, Osnabrück, Germany, August, 2006

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Building and Exploring Web Corpora. Proceedings of the 3rd Web as Corpus WorkshopSeptember, 2007

Philipp Cimiano, Johanna Wenderoth
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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), pages: 888--895Juni, 2007

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Proceedings of the First IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC), pages: 671-678

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Philipp Cimiano, Peter Haase, Qiu Ji, Teofilos Mailis, Giorgos Stamou, Giorgos Stoilos, Duc Thanh Tran, Vassilis Tzouvaras
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Proceedings of the ESWC Workshop on Advancing Reasoning on the Web: Scalability and Commonsense

Philipp Cimiano, Peter Haase, Jörg Heizmann
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Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, pages: 180-189

Philipp Cimiano, Peter Haase, Matthias Herold, Matthias Mantel, Paul Buitelaar
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Proceedings of the OntoLex07 Workshop held in conjunction with ISWC'07

José Iria, Victoria Uren, Alberto Lavelli, Sebastian Blohm, Aba-Sah Dadzie, Thomas Franz, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Joao Magalhaes, Spiros Nikolopoulos, Christine Preisach, Piercarlo Slavazza
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Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture Poster SessionOktober, 2007

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Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on the World Wide Web (WWW'08), Banff, Canada, April, 2008

Julien Tane
Using a Query-Based Multicontext For Knowledge Base Browsing
Formal Concept Analysis, Third International Conf., ICFCA 2005-Supplementary Volume, pages: 62--78Februar, 2006

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Proceedings of the 6th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC'07), pages: 508-522, Busan, Korea, November, 2007

Duc Thanh Tran, Haofen Wang, Steffen Lamparter, Philipp Cimiano
Personalization Using Ontologies and Rules
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems (AH'08), pages: 349-352, Hannover, Germany, August, 2008

Duc Thanh Tran, Peter Haase, Rudi Studer
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17th International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS'09), Springer, Moscow, Russia, Juli, 2009

Duc Thanh Tran, Philipp Cimiano, Sebastian Rudolph, Rudi Studer
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Proceedings of the 6th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC'07), pages: 523-536, Busan, Korea, November, 2007

Duc Thanh Tran, Holger Lewen, Peter Haase
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Proceedings of 5th IEEE International Conference on Research, Innovation & Vision for the Future (RIVF'07), Hanoi, Vietnam, pages: 14-21, IEEE, März, 2007

Duc Thanh Tran, Peter Haase, Boris Motik, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks
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Proceedings of the 23th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'08), Chicago, USA, Juli, 2008

Duc Thanh Tran, Philipp Cimiano, Anupriya Ankolekar
Rules for an Ontology-based Approach to Adaptation
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalization. Athen, GreeceDezember, 2006

Jürgen Umbrich, Sebastian Blohm
Exploring the knowledge in Semi Structured Data Sets with Rich Queries
Proceedings of the SemSearch08 Workshop on Semantic Search at the ESWC 2008, Teneriffa, Spain, Juni, 2008

Denny Vrandecic, Johanna Völker, Peter Haase, Duc Thanh Tran, Philipp Cimiano
A Metamodel for Annotations of Ontology Elements in OWL DL
In York Sure, Saartje Brockmans, Jürgen Jung, Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Ontologies and Meta-Modeling, Karlsruhe, Germany, Oktober, 2006

Johanna Völker, Pascal Hitzler, Philipp Cimiano
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Haofen Wang, Thomas Penin, Kaifeng Xu, Junquan Chen, Xinruo Sun, Linyun Fu, Qiaoling Liu, Yong Yu, Duc Thanh Tran, Peter Haase, Rudi Studer
Hermes: a travel through semantics on the data web

Haofen Wang, Duc Thanh Tran, Chang Liu
CE2 - Towards a Large Scale Hybrid Search Engine with Integrated Ranking Support
Proceedings of the 17th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'08), Napa Valley, USA, Oktober, 2008

Haofen Wang, Kang Zhang, Qiaoling Liu, Duc Thanh Tran, Yong Yu
Q2Semantic: A Lightweight Keyword Interface to Semantic Search
Proceedings of the 5th International Semantic Web Conference (ESWC'08), Tenerife, Spain, Juni, 2008

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Philipp Cimiano
Ontology Learning and Population from Text: Algorithms, Evaluation and Applications
Springer, November, 2006

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Duc Thanh Tran, Philipp Cimiano, Anupriya Ankolekar
A Rule-based Adaption Model for Ontology-based Personalization
In M. Wallace, M. Angelides, P. Mylonas, Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalisation, Springer, Series Studies in Computational Intelligence, 2007

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Sebastian Blohm, Ulf Brefeld, Felix Jungermann, Roman Yangarber
Proceedings of the ECML PKDD Workshop on High-level Information Extraction
 in Sebastian Blohm and Ulf Brefeld and Felix Jungermann and Roman YangarberSeptember, 2008

Pascal Hitzler, York Sure
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Applications of Semantic Technologies AST2007 at Informatik 2007
Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn, Lecture Notes in Informatics, Vol. P-109 (1), September, 2007

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Sebastian Blohm
Large-Scale Pattern-Based Information Extraction from the World Wide Web
Prof. Dr. Rudi Studer, 2010/01/22, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

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Stephan Bloehdorn, Philipp Sorg
Effective Kernel Function Design for Graph-Structured Instance Data
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany, archiv number: 1750, April, 2008

Philipp Cimiano, Peter Haase, Jörg Heizmann, Matthias Mantel
ORAKEL: A Portable Natural Language Interface to Knowledge Bases
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, archiv number: 1439, März, 2007

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Richard Arndt, Sebastian Blohm, Damjan Kuznar, Alberto Lavelli, Martin Mozina, Spiros Nikolopoulos
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X-Media Consortium, März, 2007

Sebastian Blohm, José Iria, Fabio Ciravegna, M. Stevenson, Alberto Lavelli, Lorenza Romano
Requirement Analysis of Knowledge Acquisition from Texts, Deliverable ID 5.1
X-Media Consortium, September, 2006

Philipp Cimiano, Duc Thanh Tran, Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krötzsch, A. Lavelli, Bernhard Schuler, Giorgos Stoilos, Karen Tso, Vassilis Tzouvaras
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Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, November, 2006

Philipp Cimiano, Duc Thanh Tran
Definition of Process Knowledge Structures. X-Media Internal Deliverable ID1.1.
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, November, 2006

Philipp Cimiano, Duc Thanh Tran, Lars Schmidt-Thieme, Karen Tso, Steffen Staab, Bernhard Schüler, Alberto Lavelli
Requirement Analysis of Uncertainty in the Management of Multimedia Objects in X-Media . X-Media Internal Deliverable ID2.1
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, September, 2006

José Iria, Fabio Ciravegna, Christine Preisach, Sebastian Blohm, Claudio Giuliano, Lorenza Romano, Alberto Lavelli, Richard Arndt, Spiros Nikolopoulos, Konstantinos Rapatzikos, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Yannis Avrithis, Jure Zabkar, Martin Mozina, Jenny Benois-Pineau
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X-Media Consortium, Dezember, 2006

Alberto Lavelli, Sergej Sizov, Duc Thanh Tran, Richard Arndt
Definition of Provenance and Change Knowledge Structures. X-Media Deliverable D1.2
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, November, 2006

Sergej Sizov, Alberto Lavelli, Richard Arndt, Duc Thanh Tran
Requirements for Dynamic Knowledge Structures. X-Media Deliverable D1.1
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, August, 2006

Karen Tso, Sebastian Blohm, Andriy Nikolov
Report on requirements for knowledge fusion, Deliverable D 3.1
X-Media Consortium, Dezember, 2006

Victoria Uren, Marina Giordanino, Aba-Sah Dadzie, Tarrence Kennedy, Christine Preisach, Mark Walters, Sebastian Blohm, Johannes Busse, Thomas Franz, Claudio Giuliano, Martin Mozina, Konstantinos Rapatzikos, Piercarlo Slavazza, Duc Thanh Tran, Karen Tso
Instantiation of the X-Media Application Design Methodology, Deliverable INT 9.4
X-Media Consortium, November, 2007

Victoria Uren, Daniela Petrelli, Philipp Cimiano, Thomas Franz, Vita Lanfranchi, Luca Gilardoni, Johannes Busse, P. Salavazza, Aba-Sah Dadzie, Fabio Ciravegna, Yuangui Lei, Daniel Rabus, Duc Thanh Tran
Specification of Knowledge Sharing Systems. X-Media Deliverable D4.1
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, November, 2006

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Stephan Bloehdorn, Sebastian Blohm
A Self Organizing Map for Relation Extraction from Wikipedia using Structured Data Representations
International Workshop on Intelligent Information Access (IIIA-2006), Helsinki, Finland, July 6-8, 2006, Juli, 2006

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