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Critical Information Infrastructures

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Critical Information Infrastructures

Critical information infrastructures (CII) are sociotechnical systems comprising essential software components and information systems with pivotal impact on individuals, organizations, governments, economies, and society. We work on research challenges concerned with the design, development, and evaluation of reliable, secure, and purposeful software and information systems. Our research features a strong domain focus, in particular, on internet and health care industries. The principal goal of our research is theorizing on and designing the applications and methods required for creation and innovation of sociotechnical systems with auspicious value propositions. In our studies, we rigorously employ a variety of interdisciplinary methods and build on theories from information systems and related disciplines. Our work accounts for the multifaceted use contexts of information and communication technologies with research on human behavior affecting CII and vice versa. This enables us to rigorously generate strong theoretical insights while simultaneously producing research outputs of relevance to practical audiences.

Our main research contexts are reliable, secure, and purposeful software and information systems within the scope of critical infrastructures, innovative health IT applications, cloud computing services, and information security solutions.

CII Neuigkeiten
16.02.2018 Prof. Ali Sunyaev als Mentor auf dem Junior Faculty Consortium der ECIS 2018
02.02.2018 Konferenzbeitrag für ARCS 2018 angenommen
26.01.2018 Die Forschungsgruppe Critical Information Infrastructures auf der 51. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)


Offene Abschlussarbeiten (Bachelor / Master)

Vorlesung Termin
Angewandte Informatik II: Informatiksysteme für eCommerce SoSe

Aktuelle Ausschreibungen

Tutor*innen - Angewandte Informatik 2 im SoSe 2018
(Elisabeth Lieder)
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Studentisch Hilfskräfte gesucht
(Elisabeth Lieder)
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Aktive Projekte

Externer Link: http://www.auditor-cert.de

Cloud Computing Services for Healthcare Organizations

Externer Link: http://epill.uni-koeln.de


Externer Link: http://miles.uni-koeln.de

Externer Link: http://www.ngcert.de

Unblackboxing IT Certifications

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IKT-Landschaft im Jahre 2020

Payment with Data

Standardisierungsarbeit im DIN


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