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Cancer Genomics Research in the Cloud: A Taxonomy of Genome Data Sets

Published: 2017 Oktober

Buchtitel: 4th International Workshop on Genome Privacy and Security
Verlag: GenoPri
Organisation: 4th International Workshop on Genome Privacy and Security (GenoPri'17)

Referierte Veröffentlichung


The adoption of cloud services in genomics is often accompanied by information privacy and information security concerns. While specific information privacy and information security requirements are recognized to vary depending on the underlying genome data sets’ sensitivity, extant research has mostly taken a maximum effort approach to the protection of genome data in cloud computing environments. In this paper, we employ the method of Nickerson et al. to develop a taxonomy of genome data sets that can aid interested researchers in deciding whether to store and process their genome data in the cloud. Our taxonomy consists of the ten dimensions (1) Organism, (2) Access, (3) Identifiable, (4) File size, (5) Processing requirements, (6) Transfer requirements, (7) Mutable, (8) API access, (9) Software availability, and (10) Use restriction. Analysis of our taxonomy and data set classifications from a cloud computing perspective highlights the existence of diverse factors and contextual influences beyond just privacy and security concerns that can motivate or discourage cancer genomics researchers to move their genome data to the cloud.


Critical Information Infrastructures