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ICT Skills Certification in Europe

Veröffentlicht: 2006, Mai
Reihe: Cedefop Dossier series
Ausgabe: 13
Verlag: Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training)
Editor: Burkart Sellin
Type: Buch

This study on ICT-skills certification in Europe was launched by Cedefop in early 2004 with the intention to help animating and promoting European level discussions and exchanges: (1) Within the eSkills Forum set up by the Commission in spring 2003 created to support cooperation between stakeholders and experts on ICT- and E-Business skills; (2) With the European and International Training industry and social partners engaged in ICT certification issues; (3) To prepare a next phase of the CEN/ISSS (European Committee of Normalization/Information Society Standardization System) ICT-Skills workshop in order to elaborate a European meta-ICT skills or qualifications framework. This issue has to be seen also in relation to current discussions on European level initiatives on Transparency (Europass), Credit Transfer and overarching European skills and qualification frameworks in view of realising wider policies linked to the Lisbon goals and agreed education and training objectives. The nature of the activities required specialist knowledge, skills and services in order to meet the demands of animating a continuing exchange and generating, reviewing, analyzing and reporting on thematically organized information and knowledge for underpinning the policy-making process in line with the European Union's eEurope action plan (in partnership with the industries' own efforts) as well as to identify and promote training solutions and certification in the area of ICT and E-Business skills and last but not least to further contribute to the implementation of the e-Learning Action Plan of the European Union.

ISBN: 92-896-0434-4
ISSN: 1608-9901
VG Wort-Seiten: 118
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