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Semantic Wikis for Personal Knowledge Management

Semantic Wikis for Personal Knowledge Management

Published: 2006 September

Buchtitel: Database and Expert Systems Applications
Ausgabe: 4080/2006
Seiten: 509-518
Verlag: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg

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Wikis are becoming popular knowledge management tools. Analysing knowledge management requirements, we observe that wikis do not fully support structured search and knowledge reuse. We show how Semantic wikis address the requirements and present a general architecture. We introduce our SemperWiki prototype which offers advanced information access and knowledge reuse.

ISBN: 978-3-540-37871-6
ISSN: 0302-9743
Download: Media:2006_1345_Oren_Semantic Wikis _1.pdf
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NepomukSemantic MediaWiki


Semantische Annotation, Semantische Annotierung, Wissensportale, Semantic Web