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State Of Play: A Citation Network Analysis Of Healthcare Gamification Studies.

State Of Play: A Citation Network Analysis Of Healthcare Gamification Studies.

Published: 2018 Juni

Buchtitel: 26th European Conference of Information Systems
Verlag: AIS

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Researchers and practitioners alike increasingly recognize gamification as a potential tool to evoke desired behaviours in patients, healthcare professionals, and healthy end-users aiming to live a healthier lifestyle. Thus, the number of scientific publications in healthcare gamification is rapidly increasing and due to the interdisciplinary nature of the research field, knowledge about this topic is being scattered over many research communities. Building on a large number of articles on healthcare gamification and utilizing citation network analysis, this study sheds further light on the extant knowledge on healthcare gamification. Based on our approach, we were able to (1) evaluate essential articles and authors covering the topic, (2) analyse the recent development of research on healthcare gamification, and (3) identify past research foci and knowledge gaps in our knowledge on healthcare gamification. By doing so, we call for further research on healthcare gamification and provide researchers with potential avenues for future research projects.


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