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=Praktikum Linked Open Data basierte Web 3.0 Anwendungen und Services=


The Linked Data principles are a set of practices for data publishing on the web. Linked Data builds on the web architecture and uses HTTP for data access, and RDF for describing data, thus aiming towards web-scale data integration. There is a vast amount of data available published according to those principles: recently, 4.5 billion facts have been counted with information about various domains, including music, movies, geography, natural sciences. Linked Data is also used to make web-pages machine-understandable, corresponding annotations are considered by the big search engine providers. On a smaller scale, devices on the Internet of Things can also be accessed using Linked Data which makes the unified processing of device data and data from the web easy.

In this practical seminar, students will build prototypical applications and devise algorithms that consume, provide, or analyse Linked Data. Those applications and algorithms can also extend existing applications ranging from databases to mobile apps.

For the seminar, programming skills or knowledge about web development tools/technologies are highly recommended. Basic knowledge of RDF and SPARQL are also recommended, but may be acquired during the seminar. Students will work in groups. Seminar meetings will take place as 'Block-Seminar'.


  • Seminar participants will work in groups (~3 persons) on a project.
  • The seminar includes four mandatory sessions:
    • Kick-off session (beginning of the semester): Tutors recap on the foundational technologies of the seminar, i.e. Semantic Web Technologies.
    • Preliminary presentation (beginning of the semester): Seminar participants present initial ideas of the project.
    • Intermediate presentation (mid semester): Seminar participants report on the progress of their projects.
    • Final presentation (end of the semester): Seminar participants present their projects and final results.
  • Seminar participants may schedule individual meetings with their tutors to discuss the progress of the work (highly recommended).



The seminar takes place as a 'Block Seminar'.

Questions? Please contact Maribel Acosta.

Registration Wintersemester 2017/18

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Carola Rauch, Daniel Trumpp, Dominik Siegele, Sandra Rath

Travel Security Information Service

Artur Schulz, Alexander Zand, Umut Yildirim, Heiko Burkhardt Tsis ws2011.png

Reiseführer 3.0

Max-Johann Brandt, David Dauer, Philipp Gemmeke, Leif-Erik Goutier Reisefuehrer ss2010.png

Eventtracker: Ortsbezogene Veranstaltungssuche in Firefox

Nicolas Bettin, Michael Kaufmann, Kai Mainzer, Katariina Nyberg

Linked News

Artem Schumilin, Viktor Rudomyotkin Linked news ws0910.png

Maps for Mobiles

Benjamin Langguth, Robert Ulrich Mobile ws0910.png

Interessenorientiertes Geocoded Matching von LOD Daten in einer Client-Server-Umgebung am Beispiel von FOAF

Thomas Gerber, Martin Zang, Ole Ottemöller

Geocode ws0910.png

Semanticore: Wie Songbird Linked Open Data zwitschert

Fabian Howahl, Steffen Stadtmüller, Pascal Wichmann