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|Person=Andreas Abecker, Rudi Studer, Stephan Bloehdorn,
|Person=Andreas Abecker, Rudi Studer, Stephan Bloehdorn,
|Forschungsgebiet=Semantic Web,
|Forschungsgebiet=Semantic Web,

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STI Germany

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STI International (STI²) is organized as a collaborative association of interested scientific, industrial and governmental public administration parties that share the interest in promoting research and commercial exploitation of Semantic Technologies. While STI International is active on an international level, the STI National Centers serve the research, and industry and public administration audience within their respective nations. STI National Centers offer services specifically tailored to the national audience, such as organization of conferences and industry days, training and dissemination activities as well as consulting services.Within Germany, the two National Centers in Berlin and Karlsruhe form "STI Germany". Together with other institutions, AIFB is actively supporting and participating in the setup of the National Center in Karlsruhe.

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Andreas AbeckerRudi StuderStephan Bloehdorn


von: 23 September 2008
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Semantic Web STI Germany (Semantic Web)

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