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=Publications by [[ Tatiana Landesberger von Antburg]]=


Markus Höhn, Marcel Wunderlich, Kathrin Ballweg, Tatiana Landesberger von Antburg
Width-Scale Bar Charts for Data with Large Value Range
EuroVis Short Papers, pages: p. 103-107, EuroVis

Martin Müller, Markus Petzold, Marcel Wunderlich, Tom Baumgartl, Markus Höhn, Vanessa Eichel, Nico T. Mutters, Simone Scheithauer, Michael Marschollek, Tatiana Landesberger von Antburg
Visual Analysis for Hospital Infection Control using a RNN Model
EuroVA, pages: p. 073-077, The Eurographics Association

Volker Knauthe, Kathrin Ballweg, Marcel Wunderlich, Tatiana Landesberger von Antburg, Stefan Guthe
Influence of Container Resolutions on the Layout Stability of Squarified and Slice-And-Dice Treemaps
EuroVis Short Papers, pages: p. 097-101, EuroVis

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