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Efficient Inferencing for the Description Logic Underlying OWL EL

Published: 2010 Mai
Institution: Institut AIFB, KIT
Erscheinungsort / Ort: Karlsruhe


The recent OWL 2 W3C recommendation includes the lightweight ontology language OWL EL which is semantically based on an extension of the SROEL(⊓,×) description logic (DL). It is widely assumed that inferencing in OWL EL is possible in polynomial time, but it is not obvious how to extend existing reasoning procedures for EL++ accordingly. We set out to close this gap by developing inferencing methods for SROEL(⊓,×) – a DL that subsumes the main features of OWL EL. We present a framework for studying materialisation calculi based on datalog, and we use it to investigate the resource requirements for inferencing. We can show that certain SROEL(⊓,×) feature combinations must lead to increased space upper bounds in any materialisation calculus, suggesting that efficient implementations are easier to obtain for suitably chosen fragments of SROEL(⊓,×).






Wissensrepräsentationssprachen, Beschreibungslogik, Deduktive Datenbanken, Semantic Web