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|Titel=Crowdsourcing / Games with a purpose
|Abschlussarbeitstyp=Bachelor, Master, Diplom, Studienarbeit
|Betreuer=Fabian Flöck;
|Partner=Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.;
|Ausschreibung=Aussschreibung WS13.pdf,
|Beschreibung DE=Theses (Bachelor / Master / Diplom) + Student papers, in German or English
In the areas of 
1. Wikipedia Data Mining and Tool Development and
2. Crowdsourcing / Games with a purpose.
We offer theses and mentoring for different topics in these fields and are also open to your suggestions for further related topics.
Some predefined topics we propose as theses are in particular:
* Build / extend a game with a purpose that uses a crowd of players to evaluate text in regard to factual correctness. Possibly in connection with paid crowdsourcing.
* Use large-scale crowdsourcing like Amazon Mechanical Turk for validating data, idea generation or other tasks that cannot be done by automated systems.
* Work on a new large-scale provenance service for Wikipedia we are building – or just use the results for interesting data exploration and to develop popular new tools, e.g. for visualization of editor networks.
We are working with partners like Wikimedia Deutschland and other research institutions on these topics and look for ambitioned students that want to create innovative services and tools to leverage Wikipedia data and work on increasingly popular topics like crowdsourcing.
For more details and any questions: talk to fabian.floeck –ät–
We also offer an extended mentoring program for motivated students, including special internship and student job openings, PhD positions, talks of invited experts and more.

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currently not available