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Webizing Description Logic Rules

Kontaktperson: Sebastian Rudolph

Projektstatus: aktiv


Knowledge representation formalisms based on description logics and on rules are of central importance for the next generation of the World Wide Web. In this project, we build on recent work in our group on integrating description logics and rules, which resulted in knowledge representation languages called Description Logic Rules and ELP, which bear high potential for use on the Semantic Web. We will develop web-enabled syntaxes for these languages and provide corresponding tool support.

Involvierte Personen
Markus KrötzschSebastian Rudolph


von: 1 Juli 2009
bis: 30 Juni 2011
Finanzierung: DAAD


WeDeL-R (Beschreibungslogik, Logik, Logikprogrammierung, Semantic Web)

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Birte Glimm, Sebastian Rudolph, Johanna Völker
Integrated Metamodeling and Diagnosis in OWL 2
In Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Yue Pan, Pascal Hitzler, Peter Mika, Lei Zhang, Jeff Z. Pan, Ian Horrocks, Birte Glimm, Proceedings of the 9th International Semantic Web Conference, Seiten: 257-272, Springer, LNCS, 6496, November, 2010

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Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph
Revisiting Acyclicity and Guardedness Criteria for Decidability of Existential Rules
Institut AIFB, KIT, Archiv Nummer: 3011 Karlsruhe, Januar, 2011

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