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Dr. Alexander Lenk

Former Member

Former: Visiting Scientist

Research group: Economics and Technology of eOrganizations

Alexander Lenk studied "Information Engineering and Management" at the Universität Karlsruhe (TH). Besides his studies he worked as a tutor and student assistant at the AIFB where he helped to supervise the course "Applied Computer Science II". In April 2009 he finished his studies. He wrote his Diplom thesis at the FZI/AIFB in cooperation with HP Labs (Palo Alto).

Since 2009 till 2014 Alexander was working as a research scientist at the FZI and was doing his PhD at the KIT with the main topic "Cloud Computing". In the summer 2010 he is supervising the course "Applied Computer Science II" and is active in several cloud computing projects at the FZI.

In 2014 Alexander finished his PhD and is now manager of the FZI branch office Berlin.

Research interests in the main topic Cloud Computing:

  • Infrastructure services
  • Dynamic Landscapes (Landscape as a Service)
  • Cloud plattforms and plattform architectures
  • New Cloud Computing software patterns

Active Projects

eBusinessLotse Berlin
External Link:,did=509722.html