Advanced Labs

Lectures of the Institute AIFB

In addition to the basics of informatics and object-oriented programming with the Java programming language, our Bachelor's courses teach advanced knowledge in the field of applied informatics. This includes, for example, the efficient design and optimization of technical systems, the design and management of database applications or the systematic development of large software systems. This module also covers the modeling of complex systems, the use of computer science methods to support knowledge management and the design and implementation of service-oriented architectures.
In our Master's courses, students learn to master methods and instruments in a complex specialist area and to demonstrate the ability to innovate with regard to the methods used. The focus is on the areas of Applied Technical-Cognitive Systems, Cooperative Autonomous Systems, Systems, Data, Simulation and Energy, Operational Information Systems, Information Service Engineering, Critical Information Infrastructures, Information Service Engineering, Security - Usability - Society and Web Science.