Frequently asked questions

When do which exams take place?
The "Programming commercial systems (Java/EBSS)" exams usually take place during the lecture period. The other exams are offered every semester in the first week of the semester break (Mon-May).
Why are some examinations conducted orally rather than in writing?
Depending on the number of participants, an examination can also be held in oral form. This applies in particular to the revision dates for the exams Fundamentals of Mobile Business, Knowledge Discovery, Nature Inspired Optimization Methods and Semantic Web Technologies. After the registration deadline, we will also inform you about the type of examination. Oral examinations can, but do not have to, take place in the examination week (first week after the end of the lecture). The exact dates will be announced in good time, but can also be obtained from the respective supervisor.
When are the grades submitted so that they appear on the transcript of records?
The examination results are published in the campus system shortly after the examination inspection.
Can my grade be posted before the "Klausureinsicht"?
This is possible in justified cases. Please contact Dr. André Wiesner in this regard.
When does the oral re-examination take place?
The oral re-examination usually takes place a few weeks after the written re-examination for the failed written re-examination. However, exceptions are possible.
Do I have to register for the oral re-examination?
No. You will usually receive an automatic invitation to the oral re-examination (a few days after the written exam for the second written exam) with the exact date.
In which case is there an oral re-examination?
The purpose of an oral re-examination is to check, through personal contact, whether a candidate who has already failed twice in the written examination is in fact not performing adequately. Sometimes (for organizational or other reasons) examinations are conducted orally rather than in writing. If such an oral examination is a second attempt (repeat examination), there is no longer an oral re-examination!
Is it possible to retake a passed exam?
No. An examination that has already been passed cannot be repeated!
How and until when can I deregister from an examination?
Deregistration for written examinations: the AIFB Institute considers a "no-show" for written examinations (written examinations) to be a "deregistration". This means that if you decide at short notice not to take part in an exam, you do not have to explicitly deregister. This applies to all degree programs, without exception (including Information Management). However, if you decide to cancel your registration/not to take part before the lecture hall allocations are published, a short e-mail to André Wiesner will enable better planning/implementation of the exams. Deregistration for oral examinations: In the event of withdrawal - in contrast to written examinations - the examiner must be informed. Unjustified explicit withdrawal from an oral examination is possible up to three working days before the examination date at the latest. Later withdrawal is only possible in justified cases. A corresponding application and supporting documents (e.g. medical certificate, extract from the police report) must be submitted to the examiner no later than one week after the agreed examination date. The admission certificates of students who have withdrawn from the examination remain valid and will be returned to the university's examination department or the examination board of your faculty after the examination. They can be collected there for re-registration.
How and when do I register for examinations at the Institute AIFB?
Exam registration is largely done online via the Campus Management Portal. In general, you should register online carefully and not at the last minute: It is not uncommon for unexpected problems to arise that cannot be resolved in time. Please check the registration confirmation to ensure that your registration was successful. In the case of examinations requiring approval, registration for the examination is often paper-based via an examination admission form. Please allow for a certain lead time to obtain all the necessary signatures. Once you have received the admission form, please drop it in Dr. A. Wiesner's mailbox (Room 2B-03, Building 05.20, Allianz Building at Kronenplatz).
Which Bachelor's or Master's examinations can I take or combine at the AIFB this semester?
In general, there will be an examination in all subjects for which a lecture is/was offered this semester or last semester. The examinations are of course based on the current lectures. The content of the lectures may change. This should be noted in particular if an examination is not taken after a lecture or a semester later or if an examination is repeated for which a lecture is offered again in the current semester. The current range of examinations in Computer Science for the current semester can be found in the examination schedule.
How do I find out my lecture hall place?
You can find out which lecture hall you have been allocated on the WIWI-portal
When does the "Klausureinsicht" take place?
Klausureinsicht usually takes place in the first or second week of lectures of the new semester (exceptions are possible). The exact date will be published as soon as the provisional examination results are announced. If you are unable to attend the appointment, a fellow student can represent you by proxy. Individual inspection appointments are only possible in justified exceptional cases.
What is the difference between a seminar and a lab?
A lab differs from a "normal" seminar in that the participants usually not only have to give a lecture, but also perform a practical task (e.g. in the form of an implementation). A seminar is awarded 3 credit points, a practical course 4.5 credit points, depending on the amount of work involved (approx. 45 working hours).
I am an Informatics student. Can I also take an AIFB seminar?
The following applies to Informatics students: AIFB seminars or labs cannot be credited in the Informatics B.Sc./M.Sc. elective area. These students should clarify in advance with the KIT Department of Informatics whether the course can be recognized.
How can I register for a seminar or lab and what do I have to do so that my seminar grade is recorded and appears on my transcript of records?
You can find information on registering for and recording grades for seminars and internships here.
How can I have courses that I have completed in another degree program or at another university recognized?
You can find the general procedure for the recognition of examination results here. You can find special information from our institute on the recognition of courses abroad here.
Does it make sense to clarify in advance the possibility of credit transfer for courses that I would like to complete during a stay abroad?
Yes, for study projects abroad it is advisable (for ERASMUS it is mandatory) to clarify the possibility of credit transfer for the intended courses in advance. This way, you can be sure that your achievements abroad will be recognized upon your return. You can find detailed information on advance recognition here.